After the orc base is history, you can head onward to Moongl

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After the orc base is history, you can head onward to Moongl

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The ancient demigod Cenarius is no more, so only Tyrande has the power to awaken the powerful night elf druids so that they might battle the demonic scourge. Tyrande must retrieve the horn of Cenarius from Moonglade Isle, but the island is blocked by invading orcs. Meanwhile, the World of Warcraft are cutting through the forest that surrounds Stormrage's resting place. Tyrande must send out WOW WoTLK Classic Gold her message to the druids before it's too late.

Walk-Through The World of Warcraft are burrowing through the trees to reach Furion's resting place.

This can be a quick and straightforward mission if you don't waste time. Technically, you're on a time limit of sorts, because the World of Warcraft are chopping through the trees toward Furion Stormrage. The counter in the top right indicates how many more trees they must cut down before they reach him. You've got that much time to destroy the orcs' base, defeat the guardians on Moonglade Isle, and blow the horn of Cenarius to awaken Furion.

In addition to the troops you've already seen, you'll gain access to dryads in this mission. Dryads are much more useful than your average spellcaster for several reasons. Their attacks poison and slow enemies with every hit, they have spell immunity, and they have an auto-cast ability that removes negative effect spells from your units and positive effect spells from enemy units. Construct an ancient of lore along with your other buildings and crank out a few dryads to join your attack force.

There's another gold mine to the east of your base if you feel the need to expand. Be warned, though, that orcish attacks will come from just north of this direction, so if you expand here, leave your troops near the entrance to the area to thwart attackers. The orcs' defenses are paltry, and there's a fountain of health just outside their base. Bring an even mix of WoTLK Gold four or five archers, huntresses, and dryads each, along with three or four ballistae to deal with static defenses, and level the base. Only the blademaster may cause any problems at all--the troop support will be sparse.

The primal guardians command elemental powers against you.

After the orc base is history, you can head onward to Moonglade Isle. There are three primal guardians here, and each one is accompanied by some pretty fierce owlbears. If you've still got most of the troops from your original assault, you can go ahead and attack. Otherwise, you should add a few more to the mix. Focus your fire on each guardian in turn and then deal with his owlbears after they've fallen. When you kill all the enemies on Moonglade Isle, move Tyrande to the horn of Cenarius and Furion Stormrage will be awakened, granting you success.
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