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Do you have good customer service? Even for your free giveaways?

I have been thinking over the past couple of weeks why some WAHP's have trouble growing their business. They host chats or do online parties. They do giveaways and exchanges and it seems everything that they can do to help promote their business. So why do so many fail to get new customers?

I stumbled across the answer this holiday season. I had attended an online event that had giveaways that were sponsored by WAHP's and their Home-Based Business. I won two awesome products! I was so excited Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale , as they would make wonderful Christmas gifts. I had won these prizes in the beginning of November in plenty of time to receive the prizes and wrap them for the holidays. I even told my son the awesome gift he was going to be able to give to his favorite tutor and he was so excited.

The weeks went by, I had contacted the sponsors and was told numerous times that they will be sending out the prizes ASAP. Well, just yesterday I received one of the prizes. The other, I have no idea if I will ever receive.

Now I know that sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. I understand that as unexpected things came up when I had to send something to another WAHP, but I made sure to inform the person what had happened and make sure I go out of my way to mail the item as soon as possible.

It's really no problem in my book as long as I am informed that something came up and I was not forgotten. BUT when you have contacted a rep numerous times to be told every time that it will be sent out and you never receive the items Cheap NBA Jerseys Online , you tend to lose faith, not in the company this person represents, but the actual rep themselves.

My point to this article is: Good customer service is not limited to only those who actually purchase items from you. Good customer service also includes those who have won items from you. You do not know who that person is going to give your prize to. I planned on placing those businesses cards in the package for re-orders, if the person liked the items there would have been future business.

As a Home Business Owner and a Direct Sales Rep myself, I keep track of those I do business with. Please remember even if someone did not purchase an item to still treat them like a valued customer. I refer people to others Cheap NBA Jerseys From China , if I know they have excellent customer service. I have a list of WAHP's that I will gladly refer others to.

Your main goal in doing giveaways, barters, trades, and prizes are to gain more customers. If you do not treat those people like you would your paying customers, you are defeating the purpose of your free giveaways.

Keeping your customers organized

File box with 3x5 cards filled out with names Cheap NBA Jerseys China , emails, what they have purchased, birthdays, address, phone number Cheap NBA Jerseys , etc., work well to help keep you organized.

Have a section for paying customers and giveaways and contest winners.

Make a note of when you sent out their items and staple the delivery confirmation receipt to the card.

You can also keep all this information on the computer.

Rebecca White is the Author of "Step by Step Marketing Guide for your Website-How to make your Online Business a Success this Year" and owner of to learn more on how to make your business a success this year purchase her ebook! This ebook is a toolbox filled with information! Sign up for her bi-monthly newsletter to receive tips and resources > >BBA Course: Creating Roadmap for Management Aspirants
Posted by asb on April 16th, 2018

One of the hardest choice a student has to make after completing 12this to decide the course of career. With different options available in front of aspirants, it is vital for them to determine their interest and aptitude before choosing a subject for further studies. Aspirants who wish to reach top positions or have innovative ideas to which they intend to give shape, can pursue management studies for gaining requisite knowledge and skills. Education programs like BBA courses provide students with the administration fundamentals Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , principles and techniques.

Pursuing these learning programs facilitate aspirants with a platform to gain comprehensive understanding of the corporate world and its working environment. Being the National Capital Territory of India and a top metropolitan city, Delhi is fast emerging as an education hub for professional studies. Students from different parts of the country migrate here in hope of establishing a successful career. Management aspirants can pursue training program at BBA college in Delhi NCR through which they can gain requisite knowledge on different aspects pertinent for smooth functioning of a company. This includes in-depth study of marketing, finance, operations, information systems Cheap Jerseys Online , laws and more.

Asian School of Business is a prominent institution propagating industry-relevant training in this craft. Students here get immense opportunities to develop practical skills through different initiatives and programs at the institute. This includes industry visits, projects, role play exercises, extensive case studies, etc. Students learn by planning Cheap Jerseys From China , executing and managing varied events, workshops & fests organized at the campus throughout the year. This allows students to groom their personality and inhibit skills that are necessary to befit the industry. Because of such dynamic learning environment, it is considered among top BBA institutes in Noida and Delhi.

Other than gaining technical competency, it is significant for students to develop soft skills which helps them to sustain in the rigorous and competitive business environment. They must develop critical thinking and analytical mind to be able to provide clients with the apt strategies, solutions and plans. Problem-solving attitude allows students to build a mindset that focuses. Cheap Custom Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale
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